Onsite Training

CraftTek provides private, onsite training for teams and organizations. From rapid development to scalable architecture, our courses are customized and tailored to your unique and individual team roles. The schedule is dynamic based on your preferences. We will work with your current challenges and problems to guide your team through the process of solving them. Our complete hands-on training courses offer state-of-the-art solutions to meet your software development needs.

Some of the courses available include:

  • AngularJS
  • BDD
  • Design Patterns
  • Entity Framework
  • Front End Development
  • Knockout
  • MVC
  • Single Page Applications (SPA)

Why professional training?

On-site training is becoming more and more popular today as corporations are looking for ways to train their personnel without the added expense of travel. Companies who are looking to train their development team often find that on-site training is the most attractive option.

Professional training gives your team critical insights into how to improve your software’s performance and efficiency much faster than books or independent study can. CraftTek’s instructors are seasoned technologists with significant real world experience.

Benefits of Training with CraftTek

  • Maintains focus and productivity
  • Flexible, at a time best suited for your training needs
  • Courses are offered on-site at your facility, reducing travel costs per person
  • Classes and workshops can be customized to meet your organization’s educational needs
  • Optional on-site follow up consultation to bridge the gap between the course and strategic objectives
  • Combining training and consulting help improve your capabilities and eliminate the training-to-implementation gap
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Don’t see what you are looking for?

Our training services are completely customizable. We understand that every team has different needs so we will work with you prior to the workshop to ensure that the curriculum is tailored for maximum benefit.